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Follow My Move Through My Blog!

Posted by Jason Sessions on Thursday, September 4th, 2014 at 1:40am.

I have been wanting to blog for about a year and thought there was no better way to start than now.  As a realtor, we tell all of our sellers what to do to get their home ready to put on the market to maximize their dollars and sell as quick as possible.  I am putting myself to the test!!!  I will be putting my own personal house on the market and I will be following the rules to a “T” to see if it does make a difference.

Before getting my home ready, I called a very experienced appraiser at the beach, Jim Daylor, to appraise my home.  The reason for the appraisal beforehand is my home is a little unique in the fact that the lot is bigger than the others and there have not been many that have sold in the past couple of years and wanted a reinforcement that the lot and backyard were worth “X”.  Keep in mind, the market is busy right now, so it took me about two weeks to get the appraisal back.  This appraisal really helped me with what I was going to price the home as well as what I needed to do to get that number.   

I am giving myself 30 days to get my home prepped, get my marketing in place, and hit the ground running.

First on my list of repairs, a new roof!  No leaks, however it looks like a patchwork quilt and I knew it was on it’s last leg and needed to be done, especially since I want top dollar for my home!  I am not sure about other neighborhoods, but ours has been bombarded with roofing companies knocking on our doors for free estimates for new roof and the possibility of getting a free roof due to damage.  I have been ignoring them for months!!!  We decided to call a couple and have them inspect our roof.  We had 3 companies come out (3 is pretty much rule of thumb for anything you are getting an estimate for) and they discovered we did have wind damage.  We called our insurance company and the adjuster came out approved it and VIOLA we have a new roof!  We are never that lucky, but I will take it while I can!!!

The next thing I needed to tackle was the kitchen.  I needed to do something with the cabinets, update countertops, and replace my coiled top oven.  Yes, I am probably one of few that still had one!!!  A couple of friends just redid their kitchen, so I got contacts from them.  We opted to refinish our cabinets.  It was a pain to empty everything and have it sitting all over the house, however it was a great time to start getting rid of things.  I had things up there that I haven’t used since 2005 that had absolutely no sentimental value, just stuff and it went out the door. My spices were embarrassing, I was able to fill a whole garbage bag full with outdated spices.  I have purged the kitchen and are about halfway on the kitchen and it already looks completely different! In the process of purging, I decided to pack up my good china so it’s one less thing I have to worry about packing when we move out.

The third thing I choose to accomplish is to go into every space in my home and declutter, my least favorite thing to do!!!!  I had Chris Stone from NEATLY DESIGNED (www.neatlydesigned.com) come in and tackle this project with me.  We emptied all closets, purged, and reorganized.  Chris had me change out all my hangers to huggable hangers at Target, which made a huge difference in the space, but boy do I never want to see another hanger again!  It took me forever to do and I still have a little bit more to finish, but this effort in the closet was well worth it and I think it will pay off when I put it on the market. Plus I will be set when we move!!!

Stay tuned to my next blog and follow me on the progress getting a house ready for the market!!!! 

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